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FRIDAY, March 28, 8:30 - 9:20

Portland Convention Center
Electronic Village, Ballroom 258, PC 1-2

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TESOL 2014

CALL Interest Section

Electronic Village: EV Technology Fair


Practicing Integrated Speaking Tasks for the iBT TOEFL with Voxopop 


Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont



Recording a one-minute response to a speaking prompt on the iBT TOEFL requires practice with computer recording and quick organization of thoughts. The task prompts students to integrate the main points of a reading and brief lecture on the same topic. The presenter will show how she uses her Voxopop Talkgroup “TOEFL iBT Speaking Practice” with high-intermediate to advanced Intensive English Program students to prepare for this task. In line with iBT TOEFL timing, students prepare a brief outline, then record their timed response. Using criteria for peer-reviewing, students review each other’s recordings and leave a recorded feedback message. 

Presenter Bio:

Christine is an instructor of English and teacher trainer at Saint Michael's College in Vermont, U.S.A. Christine’s specialty is integrating technology into learning and teaching, a topic that she has presented on at conferences around the world. Christine authored and has been teaching a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) course online at Saint Michael's College and also teaches an annual course in TESOL's Principles and Practices of Teaching Online Certificate program. In 2000 she co-founded the Electronic Village Online of TESOL. More recently she has focused on assessment of English language learning for TESOL accreditation and designed/taught a hybrid (face-to-face and distance) graduate course on curriculum and syllabus design. 

Time       Topic                                                                                                   
8:30 -8:50

Voxopop: http://www.voxopop.com

  1. What is it? a voice message-board; Voxopop Talkgroups can be Public, Restricted or entirely Private.
  2. Purpose: speaking practice inside and outside the classroom
  3. Use by presenter: 1-minute responses to a prompt (iBT) and feedback by peer and/or teacher 
  4. Prior work: giving a prompt, developing an outline or graphic organizer, practicing in class, formative assessment with basic rubrics  
  5. Resources needed: microphone (recommend: USB); book/series: NorthStar Building Skills for the TOEFL iBT(advanced, high-intermediate, intermediate; Pearson Education, Inc. 2006)
  6. Benefits to the students: building fluency; development of organizational patterns; development of timing; blended learning (extending the walls of classroom for practice at home) 
  7. Challenges: access to technology; different levels of computer literacy/facility with technology 
  8. Examples of using Voxopop for teaching/learning
8:50-8:55  Questions & Answers 
9:00-9:25  Repetition of the above  

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