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Presenter Bios Why Wiki

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Presenters' Bios:


Christine Bauer-Ramazani:

Please see About Me for information. 


Christina Mager:

I have taught in the Intensive English Program at Saint Michael’s College as an adjunct instructor since 2006, recently  joining the Applied Linguistics Department as a full time instructor.  I teach reading, writing and grammar in the  Intensive English Program (IEP), and Practicum in the MATESL program.  I am developing my interest in learning new ways to integrate technology into the classroom, creating a successful, blended learning environment.  

After graduating from the MATESL program at St. Michael’s in 1995, I spent three years teaching English in Kanazawa, Japan, helping to develop and formalize a sister school relationship between the two schools.  I have also coordinated service learning courses and summer intensive programs at St. Michael’s College since 2006.

I'm looking forward to working with the next generation of technically savvy students.   They prefer teamwork, hands-on activities and the use of technology: learner centered classrooms.  As things shift, the need for teachers to keep up is increasingly necessary in order to understand where the balance should lie between learner centered and teacher centered classrooms.  


Link to: Vocabulary Building Exercises

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