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TESOL 2012

CALL Interest Section

Electronic Village: EV Fair 


Why Use a Wiki with Students?

Thursday, March 29, 10:00-10:50

 Philadelphia Convention Center, Room 103A
Electronic Village, PC 1 and 2


Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont

Christina Mager
Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont

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By reviewing examples of Wikis they use with students the presenters will demonstrate how Wikis can be used to accomplish four major purposes in a blended learning classroom: (1) Online & classroom learning Community building—“social glue; (2) Portfolios of student work; (3) Critical thinking and co-construction of meaning; and (4) Vocabulary development. Even before class begins on campus, students can get to know and interact with other on the Wiki by posting pictures and bios about themselves, thus establishing an effective learning community. Collaboration on class assignments or classroom projects will be demonstrated by showing peer-reviewed essays on a Wiki that have been color-coded for coherence. A Wiki on the novel The Pearl will illustrate how the collaborative nature of the Wiki contributed to greater and more in-depth analysis of the novel by teams of students. Their postings showed evidence of co-construction of meaning not previously encountered in a similar face-to-face class. Lastly, the presenters will show how a Wiki can be used to develop vocabulary collaboratively. Collaborative vocabulary logs posted on a Wiki resulted in increased retention of vocabulary on quizzes. Additionally, Wikis allow students to work on two skills at once when vocabulary activities are constructed to include a focus on a particular grammar or writing skill.

The presenters will begin with a brief explanation of what Wikis are. Then they will illustrate each of the four purposes by reviewing particular Wiki pages that have been constructed by the presenters but completed by students, dedicating about 6 minutes to each purpose and illustration.   


Time Presenters and Topics
10:00 -
10:10 am

Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont, 
cbauer-ramazani@smcvt.edu [bio]

Definition of Wiki; Demonstration of purpose of Wiki: The Intensive English Program Wiki

  1. Online & classroom learning Community building—“social glue:  Sample Students' Bios, pictures, and comments 
  2. Portfolios of student work 
  3. Critical thinking and co-construction of meaning: Sample Collaborative Analysis and Evidence 
10:10 -
10:20 am

Christina Mager,
Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont, cmager@smcvt.edu [bio]

10:20 -
10:25 am
Questions & Answers
10:30 -
10:55 am

Repetition of the above


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