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   CoTESOL 42nd Annual Fall Convention 
November 2-3, 2018
Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast 

"Engagement, Encouragement, Empowerment"






Engaging, Encouraging, Empowering Teachers and Learners With Technology  

Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Saint Michael's College

Colchester, Vermont, USA 




With online, mobile, and blended learning being ubiquitous, it is important for teachers to have a lot of tech tools at their fingertips to engage, encourage, and empower their learners. In addition, they need to make sure that the technology tools they select fit into a framework of learning outcomes that make up a larger curriculum. As the NMC Horizon Report: 2017 K-12 Edition claims, “Recognizing that simply understanding how to use a device or certain software is not enough; teachers, staff, and students must be able to make connections between the tools and the intended outcomes, leveraging technology in creative ways that allow stakeholders to more intuitively adapt from one context to another” (p. 9). Thus, in this presentation, the speaker will show how teachers can employ technology not only to inspire and support students in 21st century pedagogies, skills, and literacies but also integrate it into the curricular framework of the Four-Strands Model (Nation and Macalister, 2010), which seeks to balance meaning-focused input, meaning-focused output, language-focused learning, and fluency development. Through examples, the presenter will illustrate tools and projects for the different language areas of English language learning as well as for collaborative learning in blended, flipped, or online contexts.



Link to the slideshow: https://slideshare.net/secret/BsHhadIdhPWfSC






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